Richard Mueller is a writer, known for writing many episodes for shows like Batman: The Animated Series.

Related to GhostbustersEdit

Richard Mueller was first involved as the writer to the Ghostbusters: The Supernatural Spectacular which is a novelization of the first movie. J. Michael Straczynski called in Mueller because he wrote the novelization. He ended up being accredited for writing or co-writing 23 episodes of The Real Ghostbusters. [1] He was, many times uncredited at his request, as a Story Editor and the writer of many episodes. He was involved with the show for all seven seasons. He also wrote 2 episodes of Extreme Ghostbusters.

Richard Mueller was a writer of 23 episodes for The Real Ghostbusters.

He wrote all the following Episodes:

Richard Mueller was a writer for two episodes of Extreme Ghostbusters.

He wrote the following episodes:

Other WorksEdit

Early CareerEdit

Richard Mueller was stationed aboard an US Coast Guard Cutter as a young adult on the Pacific coast. [2]


  • During his college years, Mueller lived in a haunted dormitory. People got hurt and an exorcism was held. He experienced enough to believe "something's going on." [3]



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