River Street is part of a historic district of Savannah lined with 200 year old cobblestones and runs the length of the Savannah River.


A group of students, gathered at student housing on River Street, started playing what they thought was a party game purchased in the Caribbean during spring break. Instead, a haunted pirate ship manifested near the Savannah River. Each night, starting at midnight, for one hour, the ship manifested closer and closer and eventually made landfall more or less over River Street. From then on, it would sail up and down the street and attack locals with increasing ferocity.

On October 14, Special Agent Melanie Ortiz deputized local Special Agents Johnson and Mitchell due to the unavailability of personnel from New York and Chicago. With no training in the equipment, the agents caused major damage to the student housing building, destroyed two cars, destroyed five bicycles, and charred other utility poles, buildings, and vehicles. The trio trapped the pirate ghosts but they seemingly started re-appearing. Melanie realized the ship was the true manifestation. Three Traps were used to capture it.


IDW Comics

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