Rocco Belsnatz is a gangster ghost from the Ghostbusters Role-Playing Game adventure Scared Stiffs.

Comments from the ghostEdit

Note that all this was copied directly from Scared Stiff.

"I never figured on cooperatin' wid youse Feds, but lately I've come across some information that could help us both out, if you understand. So's if yer smart you'll listens to Rocco."

"Der's a new gang movin' in. I don'ts have no problem wid sharin' da pie, but dese guys want it all - my slice and yours. And dey're tough - real tough. So's the way I got it figured, yer gang and my gang could works together on dis one. Give 'em a deep six together. But we's gotta hurry, dem guys are movin' in fast."

"But, before I lets you talk to da rest of my gang, lets get one ding straight, jus' cause I'm tellin' youse dis don't mean we're buddies. Anyding funny, and me and da boys'll put you on ice."

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