The Roswell's Belda'r Cafe is an eatery in New Mexico.


The morning after the capture of the Roswell Army Ghosts, Peter Venkman met up with Special Agent Melanie Ortiz at the Belda'r Cafe to warn her about the ensuing paperwork surrounding the case.


  • The Belda'r Cafe is a stand-in for the now defunct Cover-Up Cafe. The reveal was the 'Weather Balloon' part cut off by the bottom of the panel.
  • The cafe is named after Beldar, a character portrayed by Dan Aykroyd in the Coneheads SNL sketches and movie. "Consume Mass Quantities" is a quote of Beldar.
  • The 3-eyed Happy Face is from the Ivan Reitman movie Evolution.
  • At the bar is Paul Rudoff of Spook Central.
  • Next to Paul with his back turned is Calahan from "Big Trouble With Little Slimer"


IDW Comics


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