The Roswell Public Library is a public library that first opened at the corner of Richardson and Third Streets in 1906 then moved to a new building at where it still currently resides. It has a special collection of Southwest and Spanish books.


After the Ghostbusters had their first encounter with the Roswell Army Ghosts, Egon Spengler and Ray Stantz opted to go to the Roswell Public Library to gather information on the entities. Instead of answers, they found dozens of stories on microfiche.


The library is full of easter eggs

  • "A galaxy far, far away" is part of the opening crawl in the Star Wars franchise.
  • In one of the rows is an example of Symmetrical Stacking seen in the first movie and Ghostbusters: The Video Game.
  • The pinned paper about a science symposium is headlined by Oswald Spengler and Egon Donsbach. The character Egon Spengler was named after them. Oswald was a classmate of Harold Ramis at Senn High School.
  • The article Egon is looking at has the Roswell Army Air Field panel from page one, the Eden Feeders as well, and the silhouette of Belda'r from Coneheads.
  • The Stylized version of Azetlor is seen on the Bookworm poster
  • Vigo's entry in "Magicians, Martyrs And Madmen" seen in Ghostbusters II is on a computer screen


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