Rumplestiltskin [1] is an imp-like creature and the antagonist of a fairy tale named after him. In the story, he made a Faustian deal with the protagonist but gave her a chance to back out of the deal by guessing his name in three days.


After the Ghostbusters disintegrated the Enchanted Manhattan Forest and Gingerbread House, Ecto-1 was stolen by Rumplestiltskin. The Ghostbusters and Slimer chased after him and demanded he stop the car. Rumplestiltskin refused but said if they guessed his name correctly he would. As Peter Venkman's quips failed, Slimer realized who he was and whispered to Ray Stantz. Ray agreed and shouted his name. Rumplestiltskin braked and dematerialized.



The Real Ghostbusters


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