Russell [1] is a guard employed by the Natural History Museum.


Russell was patrolling the museum corridors at night, when his fellow guard contacted him over the radio. He entered the exhibit dedicated to Gozer while his companion spoke of Ivo Shandor, who the other guard has done research on. Encountering a human skeleton, Russell was startled, but relieved when he discovered it was just part of the exhibit. He told his friend via the radio that he'd be glad to discuss Shandor's creepy legacy any other time. Suddenly, a woman, Ilyssa Selwyn, came rushing past Russell with an armload of books.

Telling her she couldn't be there, Russell ran after her. It is unknown if he recognized her as the guest curator of the exhibit and simply meant she couldn't be in there after hours, or if he didn't recognize her and took her to be an intruder. In any case, he suddenly found himself confronted by an unseen attacker. Bathed in bluish-white light, Russell held up one hand in a gesture of defense and screamed as psionic energy from the Psi Energy Pulse passed through him.

Russell survived the encounter and the next night, was present at the opening gala. He and the other guard stood behind Walter Peck, who ordered the Ghostbusters to be thrown out. However, The Chairman and Beauty Queen Ghosts manifested and caused a fiasco.


He is a nervous young man who seems jumpy and afraid of the dark. He didn't seem to appreciate his fellow guard at the front desk talking to him about Ivo Shandor at night. Despite his nervousness, he is capable of remaining professional.


Primary CanonEdit

Ghostbusters: The Video Game


  1. Museum Security Guard #1 (2009). Ghostbusters: The Video Game (Realistic Version)- Welcome to the Hotel Sedgewick Level "Opening cutscene, camera room guard talks to Russel over walkie" (2009) (PC/PS3/Xbox 360). Atari. Guard #1 says: "Oh! Russell! Hey, man. You near the East Wing?"


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