Ryan French is an Associate Producer at Sierra Entertainment.

Video Game RolesEdit

Originally, Ryan French performed associate producer duties on Ghostbusters: The Video Game such as looking at the script and making suggestions on what to add or cut. After the green light build of the game was approved, the development team knew they would have to select a new person to provide his likeness for the Rookie. Ryan French immediately volunteered and was met with some skepticism. At some point, it was decided a Hollywood celebrity actor would not be used for the Rookie's likeness. A few months later, the team approached French and asked if he was still interested. French agreed and Sony and Sierra ultimately agreed to use him. [1] [2] [3]


  1. "Ghostbusters: The Video Game, Ryan French Interview" (ts. 0:50-1:41) Ryan says: "They needed a ah average looking joe blow off the street to play the Rookie character and I successfully campaigned for the spot. They all laughed at the time. This was back a year and half ago. They said, "You know one point we're going to have to choose a new character for this Rookie guy." And I literally raised my hand and said, "I volunteer." And everybody laughed. "Oh French, you're so silly." And then fast forward a few months when they really need this character done, they come back and say "So French, were you serious about that?" "Hell yeah, I am." I'm a big fan like everybody else working on the project. We're all all big fans. I did what I could and it worked out."
  2. "Ghostbusters: The Video Game, Ryan French Interview" (ts. 1:49-1:54) Ryan says: "They needed an actual face to put on it and they didn't want to go with some big Hollywood person."
  3. "Ghostbusters: The Video Game, Ryan French Interview" (ts. 2:16-2:24) Ryan says: "I basically volunteered myself to lend my likeness for the Ghostbusters game. And Sony and Sierra ultimately agreed."

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