Sajid [1] is a graduate student from New York State University working on a doctoral thesis.


Sajid opened a small package from Brazil in a lab on the third floor of the Biology Department building and mistakenly woke up Shanbahac. While Sajid grabbed his teacher, Professor Brenner, Shanbahac took root and grew several giant plants from a small terrarium. Sajid was swallowed whole by Shanbahac and encased in a pod. The Extreme Ghostbusters recovered Sajid and took him back to the Firehouse for analysis. Roland Jackson and Garrett Miller rigged up a support system to try and circumvent the pod. Once Shanbahac was trapped, Sajid was one of the victims released from its hold.


Extreme Ghostbusters


  1. Professor Brenner (1997). Extreme Ghostbusters- Seeds of Destruction (1997) (DVD ts. 1:37). Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. Brenner says: "Sajid..."


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