Samantha "Sam" Stantz [1] [2] is the cousin of Ray Stantz.


Always an independent spirit, [3] Sam bought some farmland and began operating the Stantz Dairy Farm, "The Best Cheddar This Side of Oshkosh." She was a success and was able to fully automate the dairy. When she needed to, Sam would hire temporary farm hands. [4] Some time later, Sam agreed to have Ray and the rest of the Ghostbusters over on a long overdue vacation. Peter Venkman was instantly smitten with her but Sam quickly and candidly called Peter a jerk.

That night, the zombified Peterson Family rose from their graves and began to destroy the farmland. After trapping them in a Mass Containment Field, the Ghostbusters implored Sam to talk to them, farmer to farmer. The Petersons realized the error of their ways and peacefully dispersed after Sam promised to plant their favorites, daisies, in the spring seasons. [5]


The Real Ghostbusters


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Primary CanonEdit

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