Samuel Plata is a color flatter who has worked on the Ghostbusters ongoing comic book.


Samuel Plata is a Mexican graphic designer who has had a mostly uncredited role as color flatter for Luis Antonio Delgado since almost the start of Volume One of the Ghostbusters ongoing comic book series. Plata and Delgado have been friends since 2003. Delgado taught Plata everything he knew about coloring comic books For the ongoing, Plata flattened all the pages and covers, occasionally coloring pages. For Tristan Jones' "Who Killed Laura Parr?" in Ghostbusters Volume 1 Issue #9 to Ghostbusters Volume 1 Issue #13, Plata colored almost the entire story and Delgado added the final touches. In Volume 2, Plata colored a few pages of Issue #7 with Delgado and Andrew Harmon. [1] Plata is credited in Ghostbusters Volume 2 Issue #7 for "Colors" and Ghostbusters Volume 6 for "Additional Colors"

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He has done color flatting in the comic book stories:

  • IDW Ongoing Series
    • Volume One
      • Issue #? to Issue #16
    • Volume Two
      • Issue #1 to Issue #7
        • Covers (done by Dan Schoening and Luis Delgado) and Interiors
          • Credited in Issue #7

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  1. Andrew Harmon deviantArt "The New Ghostbusters 7 Page 18" 9/21/13


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