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Renegade Sandman

Appeared in The Real Ghostbusters
"Mr. Sandman, Dream Me a Dream"
Ghostbusters Volume 2 Issue #5
Played by Frank Welker

A renegade Sandman [1] (also known as Mr. Sandman) proceeded with his desire to stop all wars. He is a sleep dust spreading ghost with a groaning voice who is determined to complete his mission. [2] [3]


The Real GhostbustersEdit

The Sandman first appeared in Chelsea, Manhattan where he was on a mission to stop all war by putting all of mankind to sleep for 500 years. He wished to do this in order to stop all wars and create peaceful world where dreams only exist. Sandman appeared in room 413 of an apartment on 248 West 16th Street. He put many people to sleep, and their wild dreams caused much chaos throughout the streets of New York.

These actions attracted the Ghostbusters to his doorstep. He managed to put all but Winston Zeddemore to sleep. Winston finally learned that if people realized that what they saw were a dream, they could take control of what was in their dream thanks to advice Ray Stantz gave to Peter Venkman. Winston rushed back and laid a trap for the Sandman at headquarters, which was successful when Janine Melnitz got the drop on the Sandman by dreaming she was a Ghostbuster and her dream self successfully managed to halt the Sandman. Winston then delivered another blast and Slimer successfully trapped the Sandman. After he was captured, all his victims were awakened. The dreams and nightmares all dispersed, as well.

IDW ComicsEdit

While out on her lunch hour, Kylie Griffin did a favor for Ray Stantz and went on a bust. A Sandman attempted to dust Kylie and put her to sleep. Kylie was unaffected on account of her high levels of caffeine intake. Utterly shocked, the Sandman was soon trapped.


Sandman seems to be somewhat of an egotistical idealist in many ways. His ego has also led him to be paranoid at times, as he believed the Ghostbusters were laughing at him when they said nothing. However despite his ego, he does care about the wars man continues to cause. In this context, it's possible that the Sandman might have perceived himself to be a hero and "the greatest Sandman ever."

It's likely that the Sandman isn't evil, just exceedingly misguided. His warped definition of being "humane" makes him very dangerous to the very human life he wants to protect. For example, had he put the world to sleep and a natural disaster occurred, countless innocents could be injured or killed and no one would be in a position to come to their aid. And had he put all the Ghostbusters to sleep, no one would be left to stop later incursions on the paranormal front like Vigo or Ivo Shandor. So one could say that another of The Sandman's character deficiencies is shortsightedness. He's so focused on the "enemy" that he has become it.


As a Sandman, the Sandman's powers all are based on sleep.

Sleep Inducement: He wields a blowgun that he uses to blow dust onto people. [4] When a victim is put to sleep, the visions within a dream are brought to life. The sleep dust causes people to sleep for 500 years.

Dream Manipulation: He can also change these dreams into nightmares.

Teleportation: He also has the ability to teleport away whenever someone tries to attack him, letting him escape harm to prepare a counter-attack.

Flight: Standard ghost power.

The flaw to his powers is that if a victim realizes that it's only a dream, they can take control of the visions. He doesn't seem to be aware of this flaw as he simply considers anyone who is asleep no longer a threat, which ultimately led to his defeat.

Based on FolkloreEdit

The Sandman is a mythical character in Western folklore who brings good dreams by sprinkling magical sand onto the eyes of children while they sleep at night. The sand is usually implemented by means of a small blowpipe.

Egon Spengler mentioned that he is a Sandman, but one using powerful sleep dust, to which the Sandman later replies "Ah yes... We are Many! Hundreds of us, my friend." This implied there is a large group of Sandman entities that perform the same role out there. None have ever been seen in any cartoons or comics however. It would appear that this particular Sandman was a renegade, and that no other Sandmen share his viewpoint. Since the other Sandmen haven't tried to free their brother, it's possible that they have disavowed him.

Another implication of Egon mentioning that this is but one of a number of Sandmen in a matter-of-fact manner is that someone (possibly Tobin) at some point beforehand has had an encounter with one or more Sandmen and made a record of it.



The Real Ghostbusters

IDW Comics


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