Sandy Van Sanders [1] is a news reporter for 20/40/60.


The Real GhostbustersEdit

Sandy Van Sanders is an ace mobile news reporter for ABS Studios' 20/40/60. He joined Helen Shreck on a report on Ghostbusters. Unlike Helen, Sandy was still skeptical after they demonstrated the Dimensionometer. He messed with a high voltage switch and caused a surge in energy. As a result, Egon Spengler's soul was sucked into the Netherworld and a Possessor Demon took over his body.

Sandy remained at the Firehouse and followed Peter Venkman to the Netherworld without permission. He attempted to fight off the various flying creatures and held onto Peter's equipment when Peter went off to save Egon. Back at the Firehouse, the demon slimed Sandy and Helen.

IDW ComicsEdit

In November, from the ABS Studios anchor desk, Sandy Van Sanders reported on the Megaspook crisis but lost communications with a news helicopter crew hovering near the entity. Sandy implored viewers to stay tuned to the New York News Network (NYNN) for up to the minute coverage and alluded to a hopefully swift response from the Ghostbusters and/or Ghost Smashers.



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The Real Ghostbusters

IDW Comics


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Secondary CanonEdit

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