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Scared Stiffs is an adventure module written for the original Ghostbusters Role-Playing Game. The players' Ghostbusters have been chosen to represent the company at a convention for experts in the paranormal.

Back SummaryEdit

You are cordially invited to attend the First Annual Supernatural Conclave and Ski Party Weekend!

Where: The old Wrath Hotel, nestled in the scenic New England countryside of Wrath, Vermont.

When: When the wolfsbane blooms and the moon is full and bright.

Who: All the biggest names in the supernatural investigation and containment industry.

Activities: Hobnob with the biggest names in the supernatural investigation and containment industry; discuss the latest in ghost-capture technology; learn to dance the hokey-pokey.

Guest of Honor: Louis Tully of Ghostbusters International.

RSVP: By purchasing this adventure and getting together two to six friends and a Ghostmaster.

Other Things of Interest: Zombies, crazed but lovable Grandpa Ira, wandering calculators, television commercials, more zombies, commando ghosts, hilarious and deadly traps, dwindling profit margins, even more zombies, and a white stretch limo.

Additional Activities: Tour an eerie hotel, visit a creaky ski lodge, eat a musty chowder shack, uncover an insidious plot, battle diabolic villains, spend the night in a haunted vineyard, and save the Earth, the universe, and everything!

Sponsored by the Quasi-Unearthly Association of Clairvoyants, Kismetologists, and Spiritologists, Inc.

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