Sebek a character ghost from Ghostbusters Role-Playing Game Series: Tobin's Spirit Guide.


He is featured as the first creature in the Egyptian section. He appears to be a nerd like creature that is not seen as a great threat.

According to Tobin's Spirit GuideEdit

Copied from Tobin's Spirit Guide materials.


In the summer of 1798, so the story goes, a lieutenant in Napoleon's garrison at Alexandria, along with a companion, was strolling down a back street of that fair city when an odd figure approached from the opposite direction. The creature was no higher than four foot tall, with a stubby human body and a green-scaled head that looked for all the world like the head of a huge crocodile. "Pardon me," it said, although it had some trouble with the words because a crocodile's mouth does not shape the "p" sound easily, "but I require some directions." It then asked the lieutenant the way to eighteenth-century Alexandria's most notorious night club.

A Frenchman true to his nature, the officer replied (here translated): "Sir, you speak French abominably. Are you an American?"

The little creature opened its long, toothy mouth as far as it could and bit the officer in half. The officer's companion, who related the story, had achieved the distance of half a block before the remains of the lieutenant's body hit the ground. Neither French military investigators nor the Alexandrian constabulary ever solved the case, nor did they find the mysterious creature. Nothing like it is recorded again until Cairo, 1882, when drunken soldiers reported that they had attended a party thrown by an Egyptian dwarf in a crocodile mask who spoke only perfect French.

Traits and TalentsEdit

the paranormal nerd

Sebek's strange appearance, strangely enough, doesn't frighten people; they just assume he's wearing a mask and trying to get their attention (which is partially true). He wants people to like him, and takes large bites out of anyone who makes fun of him or merely pretends to like him.

He shows up in what he thinks is a popular locale; unfortunately, he's always just a little (at least) behind the times. When he's in New York, he looks for good times at Studio 54; in Texas, he wants to ride the mechanical bull at Gilley's; in Small Town U.S.A., he stands on a street corner and checks out the girls. Being a nerd, of coarse, he'll never be really popular- but that won't keep him from trying.

  • Goal: Popularity
  • Tags: Physical, intelligent; crocodile head, pocket protector, slide rule attached to belt, other paraphernerdlia


  • "Sebek" is loosely based on a Egyptian deity of the same name.

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