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Senta (also known as The Golden Child of Wrath and Keeper of Ages) [1] is the progeny of Koza'Rai.


The demi-god Senta became the "divine twin" of Rachel Unglighter. Decades later, after Koza'Rai was banished back to the Netherworld, Rachel's demon half had torn itself from her physical being as well. Based on a series of images in the Gozerian Codex, the Ghostbusters identified Senta in the extended Gozerian Sumerian pantheon but actual information was extremely limited.


  • Page 125 of the Gozerian Codex features an image of Senta illustrated by John Horace Tobin based upon the descriptions present in the journals of Heironymus.
  • John Horace Tobin's research on Senta was the last thing he did before his death. [2]


IDW Comics


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