"He misses his kitty! Well we'll just place one in here right by the castle."

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Sewers is the fifth Main Mission in the Ghostbusters: The Video Game (Stylized Portable Versions).

Mission List DetailsEdit

Write up:The ugly ghost who slipped through the Museum portal escaped to the sewers. The hunt is on!


Equipment TipsEdit


First SewerEdit

Second SewerEdit

When dealing with the Alligator Ghosts remember you want them stunned, signified by green spikes pointing out of their backs. The best advice is to turn off the follow option on two of the Ghostbusters (click green lights next to player profiles so they become red). Disperse the first few Alligator Ghosts as you go south into more standard sewer sections and head to the right side (there will be a quick narration speaking of defeating the Chairman). Next, take those two Ghostbusters that you are playing as and take them to that room. Turn off follow on both of them. Next, pick one of the two in the top area of the level and then turn follow on for both them. Next, stun the two Alligator Ghosts attacking you (the bar for them at less than a 5th and barely alive). The Alligator Ghosts will have green spikes on their backs. Lead them in. They still use bone attacks and such. The other two Ghostbusters in that chamber may be more useful at leading the Alligator Ghosts to the Chairman at this point (After that, there will be more narration). Focus on getting the two stunned Alligator Ghosts out of the no fire area and take them out. Next, chase around the Chairman which has possessed one of the Ghostbusters. Set all four Ghostbusters to follow (green) and then set one of them to have a Slime Blower. Drive out the Chairman from the possessed Ghostbuster, then blast him with Proton Streams. After a while you will be told he escaped. Go straight south from the middle door area.

Above in a parkEdit

To defeat the Chairman, who has possessed a balloon, turn on all the propane canisters littered around the level. After that an event happens and the Chairman is loose again. Do the same as before with the Chairman and this time you will defeat him.


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