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Simon Quegg [1] was a man who was very selfish and didn't really appear to care about his own well-being.


One stormy night in 1887, Simon Quegg abruptly exited a lodge and decided to ride home in his carriage to Providence, Rhode Island. Quegg's cruelty somehow became manifest. [2] First, his buggy and horse and then, after a lightning strike, the Dark Rider manifested. The Dark Rider pursued him and he never returned home. Since then, Quegg will appear every year and whenever you see him, he'll ask you which direction his home is, he won't believe you, and will then vanish into the night. Quegg became something of a local legend but those who claim to have seen the Dark Rider are quickly ostracized. [3] [4] [5]

In 1987, Ray encountered Quegg and the Dark Rider. Upon shooting at the buggy with the Particle Thrower, Ray switched places with Quegg. He agreed to a deal with the Ghostbusters to help Ray in exchange for being helped to find his home. Egon used silver iodide to simulate a rainstorm and recreate the conditions for the entities to appear. The Ghostbusters tried to fire all three Proton Streams simultaneously at the buggy but lightning shorted out their Proton Packs. Quegg finally summoned the strength to face the Dark Rider and switched places with Ray. Quegg and the Dark Rider collided and dispersed. Quegg reappeared and thanked the Ghostbusters then rode on to finally return home.

Based on FolkloreEdit

Simon Quegg is based on the title character of a New England legend, Peter Rugg: The Missing Man. Rugg was a stubborn and angry man. He rode out into a thunderstorm and was cursed to drive his carriage until the end of time. Travelers claim to have seen him along a road declaring he will reach his home in Boston by nightfall.


While Simon Quegg was originally selfish and apathetic, he appeared to change his ways when the Ghostbusters helped him break his curse.


He doesn't appear to have any powers, but Egon classifies him as a Class 6, which would indicate that he is very powerful, but weaker than a Class 7. [6]

Ray thinks Quegg and the Dark Rider were solid Full Torso Apparitions upon first seeing them. [7] The P.K.E. Meter confirms a sizable spectral disturbance took place.


The Real Ghostbusters


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Primary CanonEdit

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