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Slavitza Jovan


Appeared in Ghostbusters
Character Portrayed Gozer
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Film RolesEdit

Slavitza Jovan played the female form of Gozer in Ghostbusters.

Behind the ScenesEdit

At a fairly young age, Slavitza Jovan did modeling and acting in her home country, Yugoslavia and after she moved to Los Angeles. Jovan got the role of Gozer simply by going to an interview with her modeling agent. She took part in about 3 weeks worth of shooting. Playing a god, she used her imagination and listened to stage directions to portray Gozer. [1]

Jovan had to wake up usually by 4 am, and have report to hair and makeup. The hair and make-up took a long time to do and it was very uncomfortable and sticky. She then would have wear a tight and uncomfortable bodysuit on a very hot Temple of Gozer set at Entertainment Effects Group in Los Angeles. Jovan could only wear the red contact lenses for 20 minutes at a time. There was a doctor on set to tend to Jovan. She was required to take 45 minute breaks. In terms of stunts, Jovan did some of them but the elaborate double flip was completed later in post production by a stunt double. During filming, Jovan was shy and reserved. Sometimes, other cast would tease her as they passed by and said things like, "What a dangerous woman." [2] [3]



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