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The Slime Scoop is a unique surveyor's tool created and used by the Ghostbusters.


Primary CanonEdit

After the team dug a giant hole in the middle of First Avenue, on behalf of Dana Barrett, Ray Stantz was volunteered to investigate what lay underground. He sighted a river of Mood slime. Ray quickly procured a sample with the Slime Scoop but the river began to claw at Ray. He was pulled up in a panic and accidentally triggered a power outage. The Slime Scoop was confiscated by the police and used in the trial the next day as an exhibit.

Secondary CanonEdit

The Slime Scoop was kept on a shelf in the Firehouse lab. Kylie Griffin took the Slime Scoop with her on the investigation of Dana's Apartment.


The Slime Scoop is worn on the belt and can retract out. It can then be furthered lowered or pulled back by being wound up like a fishing pole's reel.


Primary CanonEdit

Ghostbusters II

Secondary CanonEdit

IDW Comics


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