Slimer & seine Freunde the German translation of Slimer! the series. The name of the series translates to "Slimer & his Friends, and the show episode titles were translated and redubbed.

Episode GuideEdit

This list is preset for the American Dvd box set order.

DVDEnglish TitleGerman TitleTranslation of German Title
01ASlimer for HireSlimer Sucht Einen JobSlimer Seeks A Job
01ACruisin' for a Bruisin'Ein Ausflug Mit HindernissenA trip with obstacles
01ANothing to Sneeze AtBitte, Ruhe!Please, relax!
02AA Mouse in the HouseMäusejagdMouse Hunt
02BCash or SlimeDas GeburtstagsgeschenkThe Birthday Gift
02CDoctor Dweeb, I PresumeHetzjagd im KrankenhausHunt in the hospital
03AQuickslimer Messenger ServiceSuperslimers BotenserviceSuper Slimer's messenger service
03BPigeon-CoopedEin Täubchen lernt fliegenA pigeon learns to fly
03CGo-pher ItGerechter Lohn für SlimerFair wages for Slimer
04ASticky FingersTapetenwechselChange of Scenery
04BDon't Tease the SleazeDer ekligste Geist aller ZeitenThe grossest spirit of all time
05ARoom at the TopSlimers kleines HäuschenSlimers small house
05BTea but not SympathyEin hinterlistiges TäuschungsmanöverA sneaky deception
05CSpecial DeliveryEin Geist als LieferantA ghost as a supplier
06AOut with GroutVom Regen in die TraufeFrom bad to worse
06BDr. StrangedogDie Welt geht vor die HundeThe world is going to the dogs
07ASlimer's Silly SymphonySlimer als DirigentSlimer as a conductor
07BLittle Green Sliming HoodGrünkäppchen und der böse WolfGreen cap and the big bad wolf
07CMonkey See, Monkey Don'tEin AffentheaterA monkey business
08ABeach Blanket BruiserGestörtes BadevergnügenImpaired swimming
08BClass ClownSlimer in der SchuleSlimer in school
08CDog DaysDie Wuffi-Bello-Schule
09AThe Dirty Half-DozenBesuch vom SüdpolVisit the South Pole
09BMovie MadnessHorror im KinoHorror in the cinema
10AShow Dog ShowdownDie HundeschauThe Dog Show
10BThe Not-So-Great OutdoorsDer CampingausflugThe camping trip
10CUnidentified Sliming ObjectSlimer Und Das UFOSlimer and the UFO
11AUp Close and Too PersonalDie RiesenpizzaThe Giant Pizza
11BSweet RevengeSüsse RacheSweet Revenge
12ARainy Day SlimerEin Regentaga rainy day
12BSlimer & the BeanstalkSlimer und die ZauberbohneSlimer and the magic bean
12CSpace CaseUrlaub auf der ErdeHolidays on Earth
13AScarefaceDas 13. StockwerkThe 13th floor

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