The first issue in the series.

Slimer! is a series of comics produced for the UK. Many look to be reprints of Slimer! NOW Comics, however some use different covers. The comic series is based on the Slimer! animated series which is a spin-off of The Real Ghostbusters. Published by Marvel Comics Ltd.

List of ComicsEdit

Thirteen issues are known to have been released. Some issues mix in "Blimey, It's Slimer!" stripes in with some of the NOW Comics stories.

  • #01 (Date October 1989)
  • #02 (Date November 1989)
  • #03 (Date December 1989)
  • #04 (Date January 1990)
  • #05 (Date February 1990)
  • #06 (Date March 1990)
  • #07 (Date April 1990)
  • #08 (Date May 1990)
  • #09 (Date June 1990)
  • #10 (Date July 1990)
  • #11 (Date August 1990)
  • #12 (Date September 1990)
  • #13 (Date October 1990)[1]


Also SeeEdit


  1. WendyBunny's Rantings: A silly little blog about cartoons, comics, toys and music.


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