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Slimer And The Real Ghostbusters Credits for all seasons (1-7, Halloween Special, Slimer! Series).


All credits can be seen on articles for credits as well:

Credits for Season 5 have the Slimer! credits removed where noted, as it is in reference to re-airings of the Slimer shorts that season. Season 6 had two separate Animation studios working on the episodes; so after the names of crew company is noted (AC=A.C. Productions) and (SY=Sei Young Productions).


S1=Real Ghostbusters Season 1
S2=Real Ghostbusters Season 2
S3=Real Ghostbusters Season 3
S4=Real Ghostbusters Season 4
S5=Real Ghostbusters Season 5
HS=Real Ghostbusters Halloween Special
S6=Real Ghostbusters Season 6
S7=Real Ghostbusters Season 7

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