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Slimer Toothpaste
For Promoting The Real Ghostbusters
Produced by Perio Products
Features Cleans teeth

Slimer Toothpaste is a toothpaste that was being made in promotion of The Real Ghostbusters using the character Slimer. The American line was made by Perio Products.

North AmericaEdit

The toothpaste came in four flavors: Mint Gel, Bubble Gum Gel, Grape Gel, and Watermelon Gel. Some boxing used the "The Real Ghostbusters" name sake while others simple said Slimer Toothpaste. There was also an animated commercial for the toothpaste that showed kids brushing their teeth with Slimer using the toothpaste.


There is also a known UK release of Slimer Toothpaste. They seem to have been made completely independent of the North American version and even use different titles and graphics for the products. Slimer with a brush can be seen on the product. Currently, on the "Ghoulish Minty Gel" flavor has surfaced in auctions.


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