This is about a type of creature and not about the ghost character Slimer.

Slimers are a type of ghost noted by Ray when explaining how to empty Traps into the Containment Unit in the first film.



While explaining to Winston Zeddemore how to operate the Containment Unit, Ray Stantz noted it was used to hold "Vapors and Entities and Slimers".

Ghostbusters Activision Video GameEdit

Non-Canon StatusEdit

During the development of the cartoon series The Real Ghostbusters, the glutton ghost from the first film that slimed Peter at the hotel was given the name "Slimer". Even though the cartoon is not canon with the film, by the second film the character name was too well known to be ignored. So in Ghostbusters II, the green ghost returned and was dubbed "Slimer" like the cartoon series. All additional media and merchandise also follows the revision in canon.


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