"No more Sleaze! No more Glob! Now, the Slob is on the job!"

- Glob and Sleaze; The Slob

The Slob [1] is a monster created when the Sleaze and the Glob merge.


When the Glob was reunited with the Sleaze at the Bay Bridge Garbage Dump in New Jersey, the Ghostbusters weren't far behind. As a defense mechanism, the brothers merged into one being and easily defeated the team. The Slob resurfaced in Manhattan and defeated the Ghostbusters again. Egon Spengler reiterated that the Slob needed to be separated and trapped individually. [2] Due to the Sleaze's extreme hatred for Slimer, he was used as bait to draw out the Sleaze. The trap worked and the Glob and Sleaze were trapped.


The Slob's unique ability is to fire beams of energy that can animate garbage into bizarre monstrosities. Once the Slob leaves the general area, these beings revert to their normal state. The Proton Streams have no effect on the Slob. Also noteworthy is that the Slob is a lot more powerful than the Sleaze and the Glob when they are two separate entities.


The Real Ghostbusters


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