The Sony 4K Camcorder is a camcorder used by Jillian and Abby in the 2016 movie.


Primary CanonEdit

The Sony 4K Camcorder was first seen in use during the Gertrude Aldridge encounter and then it used again in the Electrocuted Ghost encounter.

Secondary CanonEdit

IDW ComicsEdit

During the dimensional bleed incident, the Sony 4K Camcorder was used to record the interview of the Ghostbusters 101 team about their use of the Interspatial Teleportation Unit.


  • It seems to specifically be a Sony AX33 4K Camcorder, because the ax53 wasn't released when Ghostbusters 2016 was filmed. Also, in a picture of Jillian holding it, it reads 20.6 vaguely on it.


Primary CanonEdit

Secondary CanonEdit

IDW Comics

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