Special Agents Johnson and Mitchell [1] are two FBI Special Agents assigned to the Savannah Field Office in Georgia.


Special Agent Melanie Ortiz deputized Special Agents Johnson and Mitchell as Ghostbusters after learning the New York and Chicago branches were too busy to send personnel. With approval granted by Janine Melnitz, Melanie outfitted them with equipment. On October 14, the three agents confronted the Caribbean Pirate Ship Manifestation on River Street. With little training, Johnson and Mitchell fell victim to both panic and over zealousness and caused more damage than the ship and pirates. Johnson widened the nozzle of his Particle Thrower too quickly before firing, causing it to spark and set fire to his right eyebrow. Mitchell miscalculated the strength of the Proton Stream and set fire to a small car. They both caused irreparable damage to several vehicles and the eastern wall of a student dormitory. To make matters worse, trapped pirate ghosts kept re-appearing. After the third instance, Melanie realized the main manifestation was the ship. Using three Traps, the agents captured the ship on her cue. In total, there was major damage to the dormitory, two destroyed cars, five destroyed bicycles, and charring to other assorted utility poles, buildings, and vehicles. Melanie resubmitted her request, along with recommendations and suggestions from Ray Stantz, for a paranormal training program connected to the FBI and strongly urged its consideration.


IDW Comics


  1. Spectral Incident Report (2016). IDW Comics- "Ghostbusters International #4" (2016) (Comic p.23). Spectral Incident Report reads: "Considering the time-sensitive nature of the case, a decision was made to "deputize" local Special Agents Johnson and Mitchell and provide them with access to Ghostbusters equipment (approval granted by Janine Melnitz, director of the Ghostbusters' home office)."

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