Spikorouleusdennummale (which the ghostbusters called Spike) was an inhabitant of a prehistoric world under the North Pole, which was populated by humanoid dinosaur-like creatures. He managed to escape the forces of Nurtog and went to America, where he was in custody of Officer Boyett. After he met the Ghostbusters, he was given the name Spike to avoid complications in saying his full name. After the Ghostbusters failed to trap Nurtog's mental image, they went to the prehistoric world with Spike to defeat the real Nurtog. Spike was appalled to see his village destroyed. Spike eventually caused a cave-in that imprisoned Nurtog(but didn't kill him) and decided to rebuild his civilization, with help from the Ghostbusters. He later sent a distress signal to the Ghostbusters to tell them that Nurtog was back and he was imprisoned and interrogated by the tyrannical dinosaur ghost. He eventually managed to escape and helped the Ghostbusters destroy Nurtog.


Spike had a magical staff that enabled him to escape, but it was destroyed along the way.


Spike claims to be a vegetarian, but later it is shown that he enjoys eating live chickens.


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