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Spittoon [1] is a town located in Texas sitting above both a gold mine and a powerful Spectral Well. [2] [3]


Black Bart targeted the town to use the Spectral Well and drain its power to become an invulnerable demon. However, since there was a populated town above the well, humans diminished its power surge. [4] Bart tried to take over the town and force the people away but they wouldn't abandon the gold mine they worked so hard to cultivate. [5] The Mayor of Spittoon offered a gold reward to anyone who could defeat Black Bart once and for all. Dwayne and Wendall took up the offer and brought in the Ghostbusters. However, bringing in 'outsiders' was considered taboo by the townspeople. The Ghostbusters continued their investigation and confirmed Black Bart was likely after the Spectral Well and not after the gold. They trained the people into overcoming their fear of Bart and his ghosts and together, they defeated them.



The Real Ghostbusters


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Primary CanonEdit

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