Not to be confused with the Squid Monster from The Real Ghostbusters

The Squid Monster [1] is a movie monster that stars in "Haunted Spaceship."


During a showing of "Haunted Spaceship," the Squid Monster met Simer, Professor Dweeb, and Elizabeth. Slimer managed to stay out of his way but Dweeb accidentally clamped part of his head with his Lead Line Clutches device. The Squid Monster retaliated by tossing Dweeb and Elizabeth down a chasm into a pit of water.


  • He looks more like an Octopus than a Squid.
  • He enjoys reading a magazine titled "Squid Guy."

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  1. Eatock, James & Mangels, Andy (2008). The Real Ghostbusters Complete Collection booklet, p. 45. CPT Holdings, Inc.


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