Starbright Coffeehouse [1] is a cafe that serves coffee and related food drinks, such as Biscotti and Deluxe Iced Mocha.


Once Bess was insulted by Tina Bell during one of her shifts, she and her friends decided to call upon Cernunnos for power to exact justice. The next day, they planned to work a late shift after going to a Delt House party. However, they were denied entry and attacked the attendees. As a result, they were late. Eduardo Rivera waited for a chance to see Wanda. When they finally arrived, Eduardo was misled and used as the fourth believer to complete the circle and attain ultimate power and popularity from Cernunnos.

Known EmployeesEdit


Extreme Ghostbusters


  1. Wanda (1997). Extreme Ghostbusters- Witchy Woman (1997) (DVD ts. 10:54-10:59). Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. Wanda says: "Sounds fascinating. You should come by the Starbright Coffehouse sometime and tell me more about it."


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