Steve Jennings [1] [2] is a curator employed at the Cloisters.


After the Genevieve Tapestry was discovered in the ruins of Sans Pitie Castle, Steve Jennings acquired it for the Cloisters. He set up a special evening showing the tapestry. Among those he invited, Steve sent an invitation to Dr. Doris Tibbs whom were familiar with each other. At 7:30 pm, Steve unveiled the Genevieve Tapestry on a full moon. This released Sir Bruce and his men from another painting. He was further horrified when Doris was kidnapped and the Cloisters was transformed into Bruce's castle, endangering all the artwork.


Steve is a typical art snob. He also dismissed the Ghostbusters as nonsense when he met Peter Venkman.


The Real Ghostbusters


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  2. Peter Venkman (2009). The Real Ghostbusters - "Hard Knight's Day" (1987) (DVD ts. 6:30-6:33). Time Life Entertainment. Peter says: "What Jennings is trying to say is you're a dead ringer for ol' Genevieve."


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