Stewart Mansion [1] is the personal residence of the Stewart family: pretentious without being ostentatious. It is located in Glen Cove, on the north shore of Long Island.


After the death of Uncle Horace, his niece Olivia inherited it. She wanted to sell it but Horace's ghosts prevented any transaction from taking place. Olivia and John attempted to get rid of Horace themselves but Horace mistakenly hired the Ghostbusters to get rid of them. Meanwhile, another ghost trespassed into the mansion and began to wreck mischief from defacing paintings and breaking windows. After Horace dispersed and the Sprite was trapped, Olivia and John decided to keep the mansion and start their family there.


  • Horace mentions the estate has an attic, a basement, a well, and pantry. [2]


The Real Ghostbusters


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