The Subway Ghost which was one of many ghosts that escaped from the Storage facility.



Upon escaping from the Containment Unit, the Subway Ghost retreated to a subway. It emerged at street level, flailing his arms and mouth tentacles and wailing and howling. It frightened away surrounding citizens in the process.

Secondary HistoryEdit

Legion Mini SeriesEdit

The Subway Ghost was one of many who came under the control of Michael Draverhaven. He sent the ghost to terrorize passengers in a subway train as part of an information gathering session. The Ghostbusters rappelled down onto the roof of the train and chased after the ghost inside. Suddenly the ghost stopped and its ectoplasmic cortex shorted out. The Ghostbusters easily trapped it. Michael observed some of the Ghostbusters' tactics and weaknesses from this bust.

IDW ComicsEdit

During the Tiamat incident, the Subway Ghost was released when the Containment Unit was vented. Three months later, it haunted the Saks Fifth Avenue flagship building. The Ghostbusters took three hours to capture it. Upon leaving the building, Winston Zeddemore saw his former wife Tiyah Clarke, whom Tiamat stole a portion of her soul and erased a chunk of her life experience from the world, at a Pequod's nearby. Peter Venkman elected to let the ghost go so that Winston could save Tiyah and rekindle their relationship.


Originally, the Subway Ghost was designed by Brent Boates as a three headed creature. It was deemed too expensive and time consuming to create the rubber-suit for just a brief amount of time on-screen. [1] Instead, Steve Johnson sculpted a "small non-humanoid flying creature" as the replacement. [2] The finished model was cast in flexible vinyl material then filmed in a large water tank in order to have it float properly. The filmed material then went through additional diffusion and optical alteration. It was then composited into the corresponding live-action scene shot in New York. [3]


Secondary CanonEdit

IDW ComicsEdit

The Subway Ghost was stated to be a Class 5. [4]


  • The scene with the Subway Ghost was shot in October 1983 before principal photography. [5]
  • Cruster, a ghost in Ghostbusters: The Video Game, bears a resemblance of sorts to the Subway Ghost.


Primary CanonEdit

Secondary CanonEdit


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Primary CanonEdit

Secondary CanonEdit

Non CanonEdit

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