The Summoner Bell is a Cursed Artifact found in the Welcome to the Hotel Sedgewick level of Ghostbusters: The Video Game (Realistic Versions).


Antique brass service bell.


Origin unknown, but reportedly seen in the Hotel de Jardin Printanier just before its disappearance (the hotel, not the bell). How this paranormally significant artifact ended up in the Hotel Sedgewick is anyone's guess, though its impact on customer service cannot be underestimated.

Where to Find ItEdit

Realistic VersionEdit

In the Field: The P.K.E. Meter should lead you right to it. It is behind the check-in desk counter on the ground floor of the Sedgewick Hotel, near the main lobby. Note however it can only be found after you go up to the 12th floor with Ray and Peter. As you cannot use your P.K.E. until after that is done.

At the Firehouse: Sitting on the counter in the Kitchenette area near the stove, next to a stack of pizza boxes.

Secondary CanonEdit

The Summoner's Bell is still in the Firehouse on the counter in the Kitchenette area.


Primary CanonEdit

Ghostbusters: The Video Game

Secondary CanonEdit

IDW Comics



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Secondary CanonEdit