The Super Slammer Muon Trap (also known as Super Slammer, Mega-Ghost Trap, or Mega-Trap) [citation needed] is a bigger and more powerful version of the Ghost Trap.


Primary CanonEdit

The Super Slammer Muon Trap is an untested prototype that Ray installed on Ecto-1b at the start of the 1991 Thanksgiving holiday. Everyone except Peter Venkman knew about the prototype, since he sent out a memo about getting too many memos on prototypes.

The Ghostbusters decide to use the Super Slammer on the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man despite their lack of exposure to interdimensional entities. As the team pursues Stay Puft to Times Square, the Super Slammer is damaged and Egon gets to work on fixing it. Just as the Rookie defeats Stay Puft, Egon has the Super Slammer back to working condition.

There are at least two spare Super Slammer Muon Traps in the Firehouse. One is located next to the second Paranormal Containment Research Tank to the left of Peter Venkman's office and another located in the corner of the Firehouse against a cupboard, to the left of Ecto-1b, and adjacent to some spare car parts.

Secondary CanonEdit

For a cross-country trip, the Super Slammer was installed on the roof of Ecto-1a. When Peter Venkman engaged and confined the Phantom Truck Driver, he signaled Laura Parr to hit the "Muon Trap" switch above Ecto's center console. [1] The ghost was successfully trapped in the Super Slammer. Ray Stantz adapted a Super Slammer and invented a Wall-Trap as a safety precaution against intruders in the Firehouse.

Technical SpecsEdit

The Super Slammer Muon Trap is capable of holding a large number of ghosts or capturing ghosts who are too big or too powerful for a normal Ghost Trap. Larger and faster than portable containment units, this is a vehicle-mounted or stationary, high-expansion, rapid-cycle ghost absorber that is capable of capturing ghosts instantaneously. [2]

The Super Slammer utilizes the same technology as the new and improved Muon Ghost Trap, but it's more advanced and powerful in many ways. Just like the Muon Ghost Trap, the Super Slammer is also able to compartmentalize each captured P.K.E. manifestation into an infinite number of artificially induced dimensioned "pockets" of reality within the trap, but faster and more efficiently than a regular trap. Allowing for continuous re-use and multiple, instantiated captures of ghosts without worrying that the trap will get too full or need to be emptied immediately. [3] Basically, the Super Slammer is a miniature version of the Containment Unit, with a very powerful ghost vacuum slapped on top. The trap itself is removable for transfer of captured entities to the Containment Unit. [4]

In theory the Super Slammer is capable of absorbing and containing entities that are too big or too powerful for a regular Ghost Trap. This is only theoretical, however, as a Muon Trap of this capacity has never yet been used or even tried before on these entities.[5] The only problem with using the trap, is that in order for the Super Slammer to capture a powerful or super-sized entity, it needs to be positioned as close as possible to the said entity -- directly under it to be precise.[6][7]


Primary CanonEdit

Ghostbusters: The Video Game

Secondary CanonEdit

IDW Comics


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Primary CanonEdit

Secondary CanonEdit

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