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Swneeze-Yip is an alien from the Ghostbusters RPG's Hot Rods of the Gods.

RPG SummaryEdit

"Poor Swneeze-Yip. All he wants is to be accepted by the Fuggs. He'd do anything to become a gang member, including nursemaid the evolution of a primitive race on a backwater planet for a million years. But the Fuggs have no real intention of ever letting him join - they're just taking advantage of him.

Swneeze-Yip is short, about three feet tall, and very skinny. He has an unruly shock of greasy hair on top of his head, and a buzzcut on the sides. He walks with a spastic jerking motion and talks non-stop in an irritating whine.

Still, he is a genius, even by Fugg standards. He can build virtually anything he can imagine. Unfortunately he has a poor imagination and terrible taste in everything. Most of his designs are either stupid-looking or contain some feature that negates their usefulness."

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