"The prime motivator is a demon named W(h)at."

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The Sword of Stephen Decatur is a fragment of the Jersey Devil forged into a sword by Commodore Stephen Decatur. [1]


In the legendary battle between Commodore Decatur and the Jersey Devil, Decatur defeated the monster by firing a cannonball into its gut. It was said he then forged a sword from the heart of the beast. [2] Over 200 years later, Roland Jackson was lent the sword over Spring Break by his History professor so he could get it authenticated in Hanover by Old Ben of the Museum of Ironworks. However, the presence of the sword attracted the devil. It sought to be whole again and regain its full power. When the townspeople refused to help distract the devil, Kylie Griffin took the sword and tried to lure it out of town. The devil proved too fast and took the sword away. It ingested the sword and continued to wreck havoc on Hanover.


Extreme Ghostbusters


  1. Old Ben (2009). Extreme Ghostbusters- The Jersey Devil Made Me Do It (1997) (DVD ts. 10:03-10:10). Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. Ben says: "Decatur's cannonball actually ripped a chunk out of J.D.. He forged it the demon fragment into this sword."
  2. Old Ben (2009). Extreme Ghostbusters- The Jersey Devil Made Me Do It (1997) (DVD ts. 06:56-07:04). Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. Ben says: "Wow! This is the real one. Forged from the heart of the beast according to the legends."


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