Sydney [1] is a dog who became lost in Manhattan and was part of the army of Rall.


On the night Rall was freed from his prison, Sydney wandered Manhattan after becoming separated from its owner, a young girl. Sydney settled at the front entrance of the Firehouse but was changed as Rall passed by. Slimer found Sydney and took it inside. Sydney was welcomed by everyone but soon showed its true colors. It rejected Slimer's dinner, got up on two legs, threw the dinner away, and swiped Slimer's sandwich. When Peter Venkman checked on the dog, Sydney grabbed Peter by the collar.

Things got even weirder when it strapped on a Proton Pack and hijacked Ecto-1. Sydney abandoned the car in the city and made its way to the Bronx Zoo then joined Rall's army. After Rall was trapped, Sydney reverted to normal and was reunited with its owner.



The Real Ghostbusters


  1. Sydney's Owner (2009). The Real Ghostbusters - "It's a Jungle Out There" (1987) (DVD ts. 21:31). Time Life Entertainment. Owner says: "Sydney!"


Primary CanonEdit

Secondary CanonEdit

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