The Tavern on the Green was a restaurant was located in New York City's Central Park just off Central Park West at West 66th Street on Manhattan's Upper West Side. It prided itself on being elegant yet affordable.


In 1984, Louis Tully fled from Vinz Clortho and ran into Central Park. Louis found himself outside the Tavern but couldn't find a way inside. Despite voicing his distress to the customers and employees inside, Louis was left alone outside with Vinz Clortho.


  • While scouting locations and emulating Louis Tully's path from 55 Central Park West apartment, Ivan Reitman saw the Tavern on the Green and decided to use it. [1]
  • John DeCuir dressed the Tavern's entryway with two stone statues in order to tie into the Gothic undertones of the movie. [2]
  • The girl with the pink bow in her hair, celebrating her birthday at the Tavern on the Green is singer Debbie Gibson. [3]
  • In Ghostbusters Volume 2 Issue #1, the Tavern on the Green has been replaced with the Ritz Cafe.
  • On page 3 of Ghostbusters International #11, in panel 5, part of the Ritz Cafe, formerly the Tavern on the Green, can be seen.
  • The section of map on the Regular Cover of Ghostbusters 101 #4 references the Tavern.



  1. Shay, Don (November 1985). Making Ghostbusters, p. 123 annotation. New York Zoetrope, New York NY USA, ISBN 0918432685. Michael Gross says: "The original idea was for Louis to be trapped by the Terror Dog in a dark corner of the park. But Ivan was scouting locations one day, emulating Louis' moves from the time he runs out of the apartment building -- 'Louis runs here, then he runs here, and then he runs ... there!' And there was the Tavern on the Green -- a logical distance for Louis to have run, and a logical place to seek refuge."
  2. Shay, Don (November 1985). Making Ghostbusters, p. 123 annotation. New York Zoetrope, New York NY USA, ISBN 0918432685. Paragraph reads: "Habitues of the Tavern on the Green were no doubt puzzled to see its entryway flanked by two stone statues -- another bit of John DeCuir set dressing designed to enhance the Gothic ambiance of the city."
  3. Spook Central Film Trivia


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