"The prime motivator is a demon named W(h)at."

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The Temple of Quetzalcoatl is a secluded Aztec temple located in the dangerous jungles of Mexico rumored to house an undiscovered giant gold statue worth millions. [1] [2] [3]


Jim Venkman found a reproduction treasure map and planned to recruit the Ghostbusters to help him find the temple and treasure. The map warned of demons. [4] Only Ray Stantz and Slimer initially agreed. With the help of a man named Paco, the trio was led right to the temple. They were attacked by Quoatles and managed to capture one before they became trapped behind a wall. Paco called the other Ghostbusters for help and took them to the temple as well. Paco guided them past the temple's traps such as the one in the Chamber of Stone Watchers. [5]

Once everyone was reunited, they followed incredible readings picked up by the P.K.E. Meter and discovered there was no statue, just the slumbering god Quetzalcoatl. It awoke and chased after the guys. Egon Spengler came up with a plan to freeze it long enough for them to vacate the temple. They promised Paco to tell others not to look for the treasure and were shocked when he turned into a Quoatle and flew back inside the temple. Mr. Venkman began spreading a story the temple collapsed.


The Real Ghostbusters


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Primary CanonEdit

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