Thaddeus Micawb [1] is youngest of the Micawb family. He is the second child and son of Bello and Lucrecia.


Thaddeus Micawb dabbles in science and often speaks out of turn. He created his own pet dog and named him Patchwork. [2] While he was trying to create a playmate for Patchwork in a secret room, Thaddeus accidentally opened a doorway to another dimension and a Paranatural Being crossed over. [3] He locked it up and kept its existence a secret from his family. The entity terrorized the mansion and family until they hired the Ghostbusters. Thaddeus wasn't too impressed with the Ghostbusters and played a prank on them. Using a chemical compound, Thaddeus made a blanket glow green. He put it on and jumped into the guest room the guys were staying in. When they discovered the Paranatural Being, Thaddeus confessed his part in releasing it.


  • Thaddeus appears to be based on Pugsley Addams of the Addams Family franchise.


The Real Ghostbusters


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Primary CanonEdit

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