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The Collectors are a group of four demonic entities who take away marked people for the price of the summoner's soul and sanity. [1]


The Collectors, when summoned properly, can make people disappear. The summoning ritual itself will drive the spell caster insane. They were known to be involved with an incident in Jamestown and the disappearances of John Cabot in 1499, Amelia Earhart on July 2, 1937, Agatha Christie in December 1926, Camilo Cienfuegos on October 28, 1959, D.B. Cooper on November 24, 1971, and Jimmy Hoffa on July 30, 1975. [2] In December, before Christmas, Idulnas forced Janosz Poha into letting him take possession. Idulnas painted the summoning spell on the wall of Janosz' room at Parkview Psychiatric Hospital with the names of the four Ghostbusters.

In February, the Collectors teleported to the physical plane and split up to capture each of the Ghostbusters. Peter Venkman was the first taken while he was walking to the Ritz Cafe with Special Agent Melanie Ortiz. The demon simply stated he 'had come for Peter' and refused to come at a later time. It shot its thrower and wrangled Peter. The demon then pulled Peter into his chest cavity and the two vanished. At the same time across Manhattan, the other Ghostbusters were taken in similar fashion. Egon Spengler was taken from the second floor of the Firehouse, Ray Stantz was taken while out on a bust, and Winston Zeddemore was taken from his apartment. Janine Melnitz formed a new team and try and find the Ghostbusters but made no progress after three months. The Ghostbusters, meanwhile, were stranded in an interdimensional limbo by their captors.

The Ghostbusters were the first to escape their custody and return home. The summoning spell began to react violently. The power went out in the Parkview Psychiatric Hospital, the P.K.E. levels spiked, and the painting itself changed colors constantly. The Collectors arrived at the hospital and began to hunt down the Ghostbusters. The one that resembled Egon disguised itself as a wheelchair-bound patient and approached the Ghostbusters in the lobby while the one resembling Winston tried to grab Winston from behind. Melanie saw him at the last minute and blasted at him. Both Collectors teleported away. Egon decided the best plan was to split up in teams to also separate the Collectors and see if they could be trapped. Melanie and Winston were about to jam a Trap in a Collector's chest and capture him but it became apparent he would not be held long.

Idulnas tired and exploited a loophole in the summoning ritual. Since Janosz was the summoner, Idulnas was free to control and manipulate the Collectors. Kylie attempted to drive a wedge between Idulnas and Janosz. Janosz refused to be the patsy of another supernatural being and altered the summoning spell by painting Idulnas' name on the wall. The Collectors' appearance changed and they teleported straight to Janosz' room. One violently extracted Idulnas from Janosz' body and they returned to their plane of existence. The Ghostbusters didn't want to be taken by surprise again and began to research extradimensional theory. Egon consulted with a witch doctor on Bleecker about barring the Collectors from the physical plane of existence.


Based on the appearance of the Collector who took Peter, the Collectors base their physical traits on the Ghostbuster they were tasked with capturing. Their peculiar affectation is to take on the aspects of their prey's appearance - filtered through their own grotesque sensibilities - before the abduction.

Tobin's Spirit GuideEdit

In Tobin's Spirit Guide, the Collector's entry is in Greek and refers to a place called Abbadon, the realm of the dead, in reference to their interdimensional limbo.


The Collectors can teleport at will from their limbo to the physical plane and vice-versa, take human victims with them by stuffing them into their chest cavity, shapeshift, and extract a possessing entity from a host. The Collector that took Peter was able to fire an ectoplasmic version of the Proton Stream to wrangle his prey. The Collector that took Egon, when controlled by Idulnas, fired a P.K.E. blast. The Collectors are also too powerful to be permanently held in a Trap.



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