The Ghostbusters Homepage is one of the original Ghostbuster fan sites to open up shop in the 90's. It was maintained by webmaster Bill Emkow. While the site is retired, it is still online as an archive thanks to Chad Paulson webmaster of


Created by Bill Emkow, it was one of the earliest Ghostbusters websites on the Internet. For a brief time from November 6, 1998 to mid-1999, the site was located at thanks to Edward Shillington, who owned the domain name at the time and gave Bill the use of it for a limited time. [1] By mid-1999, the domain name was owned by Sony and used for the official Ghostbusters website. Bill officially retired the site on January 25, 2000. [2]

Over the years, the site was located at the following urls:


  • Prop designs
  • Message Board

External linksEdit


  1. Internet Archive: November 6, 1998
  2. Ghostbusters Homepage: January 25, 2000


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