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The Griffinites are a group of freedom fighters in an alternate future who rebelled against the tyranny of Tempus and continued the cause of the late Kylie Griffin.


In an alternate timeline, after the Great Ghost War, a few freedom fighters still kept the cause sparked by Kylie alive. They found and preserved original design specifications from Dr. Roland Jackson and mementos of Kylie Griffin, including her journal. The journal was even considered a sacred relic by the rebels. [1] They clung to the hope of a prophecy foretold by Kylie before her death, that she would return one day and help end the tyranny of Tempus once and for all. The group's two techies managed to rig up prototypes of a Ghost Bomb and Proton Cannon.

One of the rebels, Isaac, used the Ghost Bomb against Tempus but was caught in a Time Slip that took him to the past and Kylie into the future. Kylie was brought to the rebels and was attacked by Tempus. They used the Proton Cannon but the device overloaded and forced them to abandon their base. Kylie found a message left by Garrett Miller and rallied the rebels to Central Park. Eventually, Kylie found a trash bag holding a Proton Pack. They then fled to the ruins of the Firehouse and watched as Kylie used Tempus to create another Time Slip and return to the past with him.

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