The Nameless One was a mummy discovered alongside the mummy of King Tut. When Carter found Tut's mummy, he reburied the Nameless One's mummy. Three men dressed like ninjas later stole the mummy from a museum after it was dug up a second time. They then used a werewolf's shadow to revive the mummy, causing him to turn into a werewolf. They tried to tell the Nameless One that they were his friends, but the mummy then said that he wanted to kill them. Irena Cortez then used her werewolf form to combat the Nameless One. After his defeat, the Nameless One went underground for a third time, where the Ghostbusters believed he would stay. He returned in the next issue, where it was revealed that he went to the sewers and was the one behind the television studio hauntings. After reasoning with the Ghostbusters, the Nameless One now resides in a sarcophagus in a museum, scaring anyone who tries to break in.

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