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The Olive is a hotel casino located in Las Vegas.


After a renovation project began at the Olive, a Vegas Ghost began haunting the hotel. It periodically bothered VIP guests but the Olive management was able to keep the haunting a secret for about a year. Eventually, they became worried their reputation would become tarnished. They contacted the Ghostbusters for help. In exchange for capturing the ghost discreetly, the Olive would give one Ghostbuster a free trip. Winston Zeddemore took up the offer and brought Tiyah Clarke with him. While Tiyah went to get a massage, Winston tracked the ghost to the basement. After a brief encounter, Winston gave chase to the ghost. It made its way to the kitchen on the second floor and formed a Meat Golem to possess. The bust crashed next door into a banquet room where the Ivo Shandor Awards were being held. Once Winston's Compact Pack ceased function, he hid in a hotel room and called Egon Spengler for help. After destroying the golem and trapping the ghost, Winston squared things with the Olive Manager then went for a massage.


  • The Olive is a stand in for the Circus Circus Hotel and Casino.


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