The Player [1] is a very powerful ghost who likes to play games for high stakes. [2]


The Player only exists out of its love for games. [3] In the late 20th century, his focus turned to trains. Out of a desire for realism, the Player decided he would use the Ghostbusters to populate his train world construct. He manifested the original Penn Station at the Madison Square Garden and soon encountered the Ghostbusters aboard his classic locomotive. The Player stated the terms of his game to the team. If they could make it to the engine and turn it off in 30 minutes before the train arrived in the Ghost World, they would be spared. [4]

The Ghostbusters and Slimer soon realized that each section of the train was an inter-dimensional containment unit. [5] In the first, they played Tag with a monster and in the second, beat the high score of a pinball game titled "A Real Ghostbusters Last Run!" They entered the engine room but could only turn it off by scoring a jackpot on a slot machine. The Player couldn't resist giving them a hint on how to win and stated, "Only stand a ghost of a chance." [6] Egon Spengler realized the meaning and had Slimer play the machine. It worked and the train was stopped. When he was defeated, the Player said that it wasn't over, implying that he would return one day to challenge the Ghostbusters again. Madison Square Garden was returned to normal.


Interestingly he enjoys a good game, and seems reasonably fair during the episode giving hints and so on. He refers to himself as a "sporting ghost" and thus gives the Ghostbusters a "sporting chance." While he tips the odds obviously in his own favor, he never makes a game outright impossible to win. He seems to like the role of a jester.


  • The Player said he was a class all to himself. [7] The Player is believed by many fans to be a Class 12. That being said, Egon Spengler's P.K.E. Meter busted as he was doing the reading and he mentioned the meter was adjusted to withstand the readings of a Class 10, [8] so it would've just slightly malfunctioned if he was a Class 11 like the Ghostmaster.


The Player is an extremely powerful entity.

Reality warping: The player can manipulate reality on a huge scale, and he can use these powers to do whatever he wants. His only limitation seems to be his imagination.

Conjuring: He can conjure up and remove items at will.

Shapeshifting: He has some ability to change shape.

Flights: Standard ghost powers.


The Real Ghostbusters


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