Los Auténticos Cazafantasmas, which is one of two Spanish translations of The Real Ghostbusters the series. This is the one of several translated for the country of Spain. The name of the series was translated "Los Auténticos Cazafantasmas", which translated to English is "The Authentic Ghostbusters". The shows episode titles were also translated and the show were redubbed. They did not change the text on the title cards, and instead spoke the name of the episodes. The other version in Spanish is Los Verdaderos Cazafantasmas.


Episode GuideEdit

So far all information was found from encoder and uploader ANIMEX316.[1]

S ADVDEnglish TitleSpanish TitleTranslation of Spanish Title
0014Knock, KnockKnock,knockKnock, Knock
0015Station IdentificationTelevisión fantasmaTV ghost
0016Play Them Ragtime BoosTóquela de nuevo jefePlay it Leader again
0017Sea FrightMiedo al malFear of the evil
0018The Spirit of Aunt LoisEl espíritu de la Tía LuisaThe spirit of Aunt Lois
0019Cry UncleTío CyroUncle Cyrus
0020?Aventuras babosas y espacialesSlimy and space adventures
00Night GameJuegos nocturnosnight games
0022Venkman's Ghost RepellersEl repelente de fantasmas de VenkmanThe ghost repellent Venkman
0023?Los asustadores de fantasmas
00?Los espíritus de la universidad
00?Fantasmas en la NASA
0025Who're You Calling Two-Dimensional?A quién llamas tú bidimensionalWho do you call two-dimensional
00?Terror en la ópera
00?Doctor, doctor
00?Los cazachorizos
00?Bajo estas calles
0030Boo-DunitAgatha GrisleyAgatha Grisley
0031Chicken, He CluckedPollo y más polloChicken and more chicken
0032Ragnarok and RollRagnarock & RollRagnarock & Roll
00?No olvidar la ciudad de los coches
00?La cantante de rock
00?Quién teme al gran fantasma
0036Hanging By a ThreadPendiente de un hiloHanging by a thread
00?No puedes llevártelo contigo
00?Nadie viene a Lupusville
0039Drool, the Dog Faced GoblinBabea fantasma cara de perroGhost dog drooling face
0040The Man Who Never Reached HomeEl hombre que no podía volver a casaThe man who could not return home

VHS EditionEdit

Noted on the "theXFilter"'s thread,[2] the dubbing and translation of these episodes on VHS are not the same as the TV aired episodes. That being said, it is unclear if the dubbings are from the Los Verdaderos Cazafantasmas (Latin America translation) or completely a different dubbing.

S ADVDEnglish TitleSpanish TitleTranslation of Spanish Title
0021Night GameEl estadio encantadoThe stadium happy

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  1. ANIMEX316 Blogger account

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